My name is Nicole and I help businesses 


The (wo)man behind the curtain. 

So many times I’ve heard clients say “I don’t know anything about computers” or “technology and I just don’t get along.” Well you know what? That’s OK. In fact—it’s wonderful!! Without people like that, there would be no need for people like me. 

If posting stuff on social media, writing blog posts or updating your website frequently feels like a chore, chances are you won’t do a good job at keeping up with it. Not only do you have to post frequently but you have to make sure you are correctly tagging the images, crediting the photographer, optimizing content for search engines, engaging audiences and making sure that everything you post matches your brand’s voice, oh and NBD but you also have to develop your own “brand voice”. It’s so much to keep up with that just thinking about it makes you want to cry for your mommy.

Luckily, for you there is Nico New Media, aka the (wo)man behind the curtain. With my help, your site always stays up to date, your content polished, and your audience well-informed. I do the “grunt work” so you don’t have to.