About Us

Since 2011, Nico New Media has been helping brands increase awareness, engagement, and web traffic. We specialize in working with a variety of budgets from a variety of industries. No project is too big or too small! 

We know you are busy. By letting us help you manage your social media, create content for your website, or write captivating newsletters, you'll have more time to focus on what you do best, being fabulous.

Repeat after me"I deserve to be noticed."


My Story

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Nicole Paulus has always been a hepcat in the making (except for those dreadful middle school years where her hair resembled a mushroom from Mario and she drowned her sorrows with  Oatmeal Cream Pies every day after school.)

She eventually graduated from the University of Arizona (BEAR DOWN) albeit at a very inopportune time, *just* as the economy was tanking. She bartended and cocktailed a few years, trying to distract herself from the fact that student loans were piling in and she had zero job prospects. After all, she was a Comm major, not an engineer or anything. Then one day she got the harebrained idea to move to Los Angeles and try her luck there. Before she left Tucson her grandpa warned her "Why would you want to go to LA? There are no jobs in LA." Grandpa couldn't have been more right, kind of. 

After a few panic attacks later and a thousand cover letters slightly tweaked and submitted, she got a call back from a Craigslist ad looking for a copywriter. Long story short, she got the gig and started getting referral after referral. Eventually, she stopped applying to jobs altogether and focused on expanding her skill set and growing her business.

She currently spends her free time lurking the interweb, spooning her sweet pup, sipping hoppy IPAs, hoarding coupons, and dancing shamelessly while comparing organic carrot prices to non organic carrot prices at Sprouts.