I Heart Storytelling / by Nicole Paulus

I Heart Storytelling

They say that whatever you do whilst procrastinating is the very thing you should be doing for a living. Well considering I am a (self-proclaimed) professional social media manager, I'm not doing too badly. Beyond crafting witty posts using 140 characters or less, my natural talents also include storytelling. I love sharing my experiences with others, especially if those stories are dripping with humor, self-deprecation, and sarcasm. 

My native Spanish speaking friend recently brought it to my attention just how much I enjoy the art of storytelling. I was describing what the weather back home was like and asked her if she knew what the word humid meant. Before she could respond, I went off on a mild tangent, “it’s like getting out of a steamy shower and the mirrors are fogged and your skin is dewey,” I say. After I finished my description she tells me, “I know what humid is, we have the same word in Spanish.” Mildly embarrassed I asked her, “then, why didn’t you stop me?” “Because I know you love explaining things,” she said. 

It’s true! I do love explaining things. And I love taking big ideas and dicing them up into fun, easily-digestible quips. I love connecting dots, summarizing complicated chains of events, and tying up loose ends. If a friend starts a story and gets interrupted somewhere along the way I can feel the weight of the finale just hanging in the air, “what were you saying? I feel like you never finished your story.”

Moving full force ahead, I recently found a platform for me to share my stories with the world, a blog called iheartberlin. When I sit down to write a post for them, hours seem to fly by. I’m not scrolling on Facebook, refreshing my Instagram feed, or playing with Snapchat filters, I’m telling a story, my story. Now if I could just figure out a way to turn these blog contributions into a major book deal or Hollywood movie, then I'd really be living the dream. You can read my iheartberlin article here.

I feel so fortunate to be doing what I am most passionate about for a living, storytelling. I encourage you all to: 

  1. spend some time honing your passion, and
  2. figure out a way to earn a living while sharing your passion with the rest of us