Having a "Good Enough" Website Isn't Good Enough / by Nicole Paulus

Recently I worked on a project that I am super proud of. A previous client of mine referred me to a wedding/special events DJ who goes by the name of Señor Amor. Señor was in need of a website revamp and sought out my services. 

Whether you sell a product or service, your website is often the first (and only) impression a potential customer has of you. Unlike real life impressions, digital impressions are much more fleeting. If your site isn’t mobile friendly or if you don’t capture a customer’s attention right away, they will bounce on to the next Google search. Bye Felicia! 

Here was what Señor's site looked like before: 

DJ Señor Amor

Here is his site now:

Señor Amor

I work with a variety of budgets, industries, and time constraints. If you (or someone you know) are in need of a website revamp, please get in touch. If you are unsure if you need a website revamp, enter your URL into this free widget created by Google. It will let you know if your site is mobile friendly or not.