Traveling is ALWAYS a good idea :) / by Nicole Paulus

hello from stockholm

This past month I decided to take a spontaneous trip to Stockholm, Sweden. My DJ friend Lady Blacktronika was playing a gig in Stockholm and I thought it would be fun to jet set with her. After all, traveling around Europe was one of my main reasons for deciding to move to Berlin in the first place. "Why not?" I told myself, "I deserve this." 

As it turns out, taking last minute vacations can be quite pricey. I had buyer's remorse immediately after purchasing the ticket. In a panic I messaged my DJ friend on Facebook, “What am I doing with my life?” To which she simply replied, “living.”

Still not entirely convinced, I messaged another friend telling her how anxious I was that I had just spent so much money on a 2 day trip. Her response? “It’s traveling, traveling is always a good idea.” 

Ok, well that settles it. I was going to go and enjoy myself. I am so thankful to have friends that value travel and life experiences as much as me. Now that I think about it most of my friends have travelled and lived all over the world. We all share a common thread, we are citizens of the world and we all value the ability to spread our wings when the cities we live in become smaller than our ideas.

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Well the story doesn’t end there. At the airport on my way to Sweden, I was informed that I was getting bumped to the next flight. Because of the inconvenience the airline was giving me a €250 voucher towards another flight. Others may have been perturbed by the inconvenience, but not me. I looked at it as a peace offering from the travel gods above--two trips for the price of one!

So the next time you are contemplating whether or not to spend money on travel, let me tell you, you won't regret it. Traveling is always a good idea

As much as I loved the bulle (a flaky, chewy cinnamon and cardamom Swedish roll), the aromatic coffee, the beautiful boatscapes, and the calmness of the city, I was so happy to return to Berlin. Berlin may be rough around the edges but so am I. I love this city. 

So where is your next destination? 

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