Get Over Your Crippling Anxiety With This One Tip / by Nicole Paulus

just go stop thinking

Now that I have publicly made the commitment to deliver a newsletter once a month, I think it’s important to come clean — I suffer from extreme stage fright. As soon as I hit the “send” button I felt a crippling anxiety. Would I be able to think of something interesting to say every month? Would I let my friends, family, and self down if I reneged on my promise? It’s one thing to write blogs, newsletters, and social media posts on behalf of my clients, but to do it for myself was an entirely different animal. 

Fortunately, I have learned a little something in my 28 years on Earth; I can either let anxiety CRIPPLE me or I can let it FUEL me. 

Fill ‘er up, please

What is anxiety? The feeling of not being in control of the outcome of a particular situation.

How do you overcome this anticipation? Take back control! Seriously, those are YOUR reins. 

Here are some things that helped me get over the anticipation I felt about writing this newsletter: 

1. I sat down and I started writing. 

That’s it—really! I’ve had “write the Nico New Media newsletter” on my daily to-do list for nearly a month now. I felt anticipation because I was procrastinating. I was building it up to be this scary monster that was consuming my thoughts every day. 

I'm here to tell you that whatever it is that you have been wanting to do (but you have been procrastinating doing)— starting a blog, joining a dating site, signing up for an acting class, performing at an open mic — is really not as scary or hard as you might believe. It really just takes one step — JUST FREAKING DO IT!

Good luck :) If you need help getting started, reach out for a free consultation.