Is Your Site Mobile-Friendly? / by Nicole Paulus

mobile friendly site

If your website isn't mobile friendly then you might already be experiencing a dip in sales. That's not the only thing you should be worrying about, however. As of Tuesday, Google announced that it would penalize websites that aren't mobile friendly by lowering their search rank. The more mobile friendly your site is, the more likely it will be featured in Google search results, (specifically those found using a smartphone.)

There is nothing worse than trying to look something up on your smartphone (like a restaurant menu for example) and having to zoom and scroll just to read the entree description. If you are anything like me, landing on one of these sites is a sure fire way to get me to never eat at your establishment. 

Want to test if your site is mobile friendly? Check it for free here. If it isn't, contact me for a free consultation.

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