Who's The Boss? RSS Feed, That's Who / by Nicole Paulus

tony danza

Last week I went to a boozy Frank Sinatra inspired art party with my good friend in NYC (Tony Danza, Nancy Sinatra and a President Fitz look-a-like also happened to be in attendance.) 

After the show we walked briskly to a nearby hotel lobby for a nightcap.It was there that she informed me she had no idea what an RSS feed was. I drunkenly tried to explain to her that it was like an index of content (which sounds infinitely more boring typed out than it probably did in a dark, crowded hotel bar.) To me, defining an RSS feed was like trying to give directions to my favorite restaurant. I knew the way, but I was unsure of how to describe exactly how someone should get there.

In that moment, I vowed to write a blog post on this mysterious subject, the RSS feed.


The letters RSS stand for several things depending on who you ask. Some of these things include:  Rich Site Summary // RDF Site Summary // “Really Simple Syndication” 


An RSS feed is an index of published content on a website. An RSS Feed Reader is a widget that aggregates new content into one place. Subscribing to an RSS feed prevents busy folks from having to constantly check their favorite sites for new content every day. Instead, the RSS reader alerts you when there is new content. RSS feeds allow you to quickly skim a site's recently published content and pick out the information that you would most like to read.


Check out this site for additional information.

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