Broken Links Are Breaking My Heart / by Nicole Paulus

I was dawdling on Facebook a few hours ago and I came across the trailer for the new Tim Burton film, Big Eyes. Because the trailer captivated me and I had never heard of the artist featured in the movie, Margaret Keane, I decided to do a quick web search for more information. 

That's when I happened upon her official website "Online Gallery for Margaret Keane." The website itself isn't terrible (I've definitely seen worse), however, when I tried to view images of her paintings in the "Gallery" section, all of the links were broken!

Being the opportunist that I am, I reached out to the webmaster via email casually letting him/her know about the missing links and that it might bad for business considering the movie trailer was spreading like wild fire across popular sites like Yahoo! and Refinery 29. I also offered to help them fix the broken links for them--see what I did there? I'll let you know if anyone responds, but in the meantime, now might be a good time to make sure your brand's website has no broken links. 

Also--never pass up an opportunity to give people pointers. As a freelancer, you never know where your next paycheck might be coming from. It pays to always be 2 steps ahead. 

Oh yeah, have a happy Friday!

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