Follow These Funny Fools / by Nicole Paulus

Social media is supposed to be fun, right? Then why does it seem like the only people who share anything these days are B-O-R-I-N-G. Newsflash--I don't care that your baby spit up on himself, that's not cute. Nor do I care to see all the horrible things you eat on a daily basis. 

At this point you might be asking yourself, "So, if I can't share pictures of my disgusting baby or my mediocre lunch, what should I be sharing?" Funny things, interesting tidbits, or quirky observations, DUH. 

The same rules apply for your brand. If you are a men's specialty shoe shop and every day you upload a picture of a different shoe you carry on Instagram, you probably should just stop. No seriously, stop. If people wanted to see pictures of the products you carry, they'd just go to your website. You have a website, don't you? 

If you need help building a social media strategy surrounding your brand, feel free to shoot me an email. If you don't care about the connection between social media and branding and you are just in need of some quick laughs, I suggest you follow the following personalities on their respective networks:

1. @earlboykins

Up until this moment I envisioned "Earl Boykins" to be a 14 year old nerd who would later grow up to be the kind of guy who would refer to his mom as his "roommate" After a quick Google search I found out he is actually an established artist in NYC. Is he posting images of his rad art installations? NO! He is posting pictures of adorable animals doing adorable things like this one. 

2. @IAmEnidColeslaw

Mary Charlene's view of the world makes me laugh--which probably means she'll make you laugh too. Like @EarlBoykins, Mary is also an artist. Does she post pictures of her art on her Twitter? NO. Instead she posts crass world observations like this one:

3. @thefatjewish

Unlike the previous two "artists", 30 year old Josh Ostrovsky is a "TV personality and Instagram star." Not only does he upload his own ridiculous photos but he shares a lot of other funny content too. Because of his following, he gets companies that pay him to endorse their wares. Want to become an Instagram celeb? Make sure to take notes from this guy:

Who are you following these days? Give them shoutouts on the following networks: