Anyone Need A Job? / by Nicole Paulus

And the award for world's best dad goes to....Troy from Chandler. Troy is good father, he just made a dumb mistake 16 years and 9 months ago, nothing serious. Can anyone out there just give Troy a "brake" from being a father? He apparently really needs one and perhaps a dictionary.

If you run your own business, Craigslist is a great place to look for new projects to work on. They have a great filtering system and unlike most job sites out there (ahem, LinkedIn) Craigslist still has a "minimalist" web 2.0 feel to it. Going to Craigslist after being bombarded with flashy ads and pop up videos on the regular, is like a breath of fresh air. And sometimes you stumble upon ads like the one above that make you feel infinitely better about your life. 

Not many of you know this but I give credit to Craigslist for starting Nico New Media. Almost three years ago, I moved to LA from Tucson with zero job prospects. I was desperate for cash and answered a part time copywriting position for a vintage furniture company. Though they couldn't afford to bring me in full time, they said they would send referrals my way. With their help, I was able to gain a small client base in just a few months. Oh, and they are still one of my clients today :)  

Tell us, how have you made Craigslist work for you?