Repeat After Me : I Am Awesome / by Nicole Paulus

I'm not going to lie, running your own business is tough. Some days it feels like you are diligently marching up hill but not getting any further up the mountain. 

Whatever you do, don't get discouraged. Lately I have been practicing different techniques that help me to think rationally and positively about a situation no matter how detrimental it may seem at the moment. This kind of positive thinking can also be applied to every other overwhelming aspect in your life. 

3 Things That Help Me Stay Positive: 

1. Music 

Anyone else notice how your mood alters when listening to two different songs back to back? If you are feeling d.o.w.n.--put on your go-to happy song. I have a special playlist on Spotify entitled "Be Happy" for this specific reason. If I feel an afternoon slump coming on, I have an arsenal of positive songs to boost me right up. On my list? People Can Do The Most Amazing Things by Kisses (featured song above.) Oh, and Twerk by Juicy J and Project Pat :)

2. Affirmations

I know it sounds silly and new-agey but it really works! Don't have an affirmation? Feel free to pick one from the list below :)

I am awesome. I am a positive person. I am full of life and energy and I will make a positive impact on the world around me. I will see the good in people. I won't let negative people get me down.

3. Nature

If you live somewhere intensely hot (like me) or frigidly cold, getting outside can feel like a death sentence. For whatever reason, there is something magical and rejuvenating about going outside  (if even for a brief moment.) Yesterday it started to rain and you know what I did? I went outside and I stood in the rain for a good 30 seconds. And damn, did it feel good.

What do you do to stay positive at work? Let us know on the following networks :)