Busy Is As Busy Does / by Nicole Paulus

busy gif

Sorry, (not sorry), I didn't post yesterday. I have been frantically preparing for my upcoming two-week long trip. FIrst I'm heading to Atlanta to help my sister celebrate her Dirty Thirty and then I'm off to visit friends in New York! 

To give you an idea of how hectic my life has been for the last few days I thought I'd quantify my work load. This week alone I have written and scheduled 4 newsletters, written and scheduled 6 blog posts, written 2 proposals, invoiced 1 client, had 1 Skype meeting, and scored 1 new client (hence why I am up so early.) On top of that I have been working on my top secret app (more details soon!) 

I am in a surprisingly great mood for someone who woke up at 5:30a (and didn't fall asleep until 1a.) Though it's still early, I hope this positive outlook lasts for the rest of the day. And if it doesn't--there's always (more) coffee to perk me up.


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