Spirit Airlines : A Cheap Seat For A Cheap Ass / by Nicole Paulus

This has got to be one of the best ad campaigns I have ever seen. I had my own run-in with Frontier Airlines (an affiliate of Spirit airlines) recently and it seems I am not the only one upset with their less than savory transportation.

Because of all their haters, Spirit Airlines is giving away 1 billion free air miles to people that purge their hate on this website.  Hate on Spirit Airlines (or any airline of your choosing) and they will send you 8,000 free Sprit miles (the catch: you'll need at least 10,000 for a one-way ticket.)

I really give them credit for launching such a ballsy campaign. Few companies are willing to poke fun at themselves/air their dirty laundry like this. It makes Spirit Airlines seem, well, more human. Any time you change the status quo, you are going to get a backlash; in the airline industry, for example, consumers are used to getting a free carry-on, a free in-flight beverage, and a free copy of Skymall to peruse. Spirit Airlines consumers get none of these measly benefits. Instead, they get a reduced flight cost (which, after you pay for your $25 carry-on each way, you don't really end up saving anything any way.)

The problem that I had with Frontier wasn't that they didn't provide these benefits, it was that it seemed like they were being sneaky about the hidden fees. They didn't tell me I had to pay for my carry-on until I checked in to my flight. Instead, they should have explicitly stated this BEFORE I purchased my tickets (maybe they put it in the fine print but who reads that mumbo jumbo anyway?) I understand that in order to keep costs low, they have to carry out extreme measures, but I think they went about it all wrong. They should have launched a campaign announcing their lower fares and how they afford to keep these fares low initially.  Instead, they just snuck around pretending to be the cheapest airline on the block. 

Despite their best efforts, I am going to avoid flying Spirit/Frontier at all costs. I recently got a Southwest Credit Card and I don't have to pay for a carry on or checked bag. They also have comparably low fares, free Skymall catalogs AND one free in-flight beverage. Hello, spicy tomato juice!

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