3 Summer Songs To Make You Feel F-I-N-E / by Nicole Paulus

It's summer y'all! If you're stuck inside when it seems like everyone else is out jumping dolphins on jet-skis, this mini-playlist should help boost your spirits. 

1. Let Go by Mac Demarco

For anyone that has ever had the pleasure of being in a relationship long after the expiration date came and went, you'll appreciate this song. If you once loved someone but you don't anymore, let them go. 

Despite how depressing that may sound, this song is actually quite nice. It makes me want to sit on someone's porch (I don't have one, unfortunately) and drink fruity iced tea (I don't have any of that either--DAMN!)

2. The Head I Hold by Electric Guest

Honestly, I had no idea the singer of this song was a dude until about five minutes ago. Just goes to show you can't judge a singer by its high pitched voice. 

This song makes me want to stop what I am doing and shimmy. Bonus, you'll probably learn some new dance moves towards the end of the video. 

3.  Audacity of Huge by Simian Mobile Disco

Just because you have a grape Kool-Aid filled swimming pool and an army of Roomba robots doesn't mean you can have my phone number. 

This song is silly, stupid and awesome. I've had it on repeat since I discovered it and it's my go-to song when I need to have a solo-dance party in between Skype meetings and guest blog post writing. 

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