6 Signs You Might Be Addicted To Your Smartphone / by Nicole Paulus

The other day I got all the way to Costco (no snickers please) and I realized that I left my cracked iPhone 4 at home. Since I live about 15 minutes away, I determined that it would be a waste of time, fossil fuels, and money to go back and get it. My choice to endure the hour long shopping trip without my best friend was a tough one. It was then I realized how addicted I actually was to my smartphone. 

Signs You Might Be Addicted To Your Smartphone

1. When you think you left your phone at home.

2. When you find your phone in your pocket 5 seconds later. 


3. When you get a text message or push notification. 

4. When you realize that message was just Verizon reminding you to pay your bill.

5. When someone makes a snarky comment about having your phone out at the dinner table.

6. When you find out one of your friends doesn't have a smartphone.

If you love your smartphone, you must love social media too...