The Internet Wins Everything Today / by Nicole Paulus

This video needs no introduction...

The reason I love this video so much is because I  was under the initial assumption that it was going to be another one of those lame-o choreographed videos we have been seeing a lot lately. Sure some of those videos are funny, charming, shareable, and good for a few laughs, but as someone who is on the internet upwards of 12 hours a day--I am ridiculously bored of them. Did anyone see that video of the guy singing Celine Dion in the airport? I watched part of it and didn't laugh once, not once.

Since anyone with an iPad is a comedian theses days, it's getting harder and harder to produce uproariously funny content. Most things feel like they are trying too hard--you feel me? Anyways, this video made me *literally* laugh out loud, like my guts hurt afterwards kind of laughter. 

Happy Friday friends!

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