Confessions of a Self-Employed Person / by Nicole Paulus

Going to make this quick since I am off on another adventure this afternoon. I am going to LA to hang with old friends and also get out of this oppressive heat. Yay me! :)

For anyone who has ever worked a job with "weird" hours--you will definitely relate to this Buzzfeed article.  As I was going down the list, I couldn't help but feel like most of them apply to me now as a self-employed person (and honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way.). I never know what day it is, I am always bored and ready to get crunk at the most random of hours (like 2p on a Tuesday) and it is always Snack O'Clock in my office. 

Confessions of a self-employed person:

It's been so hot, that yesterday I didn't even put pants on the entire day. That is, until my friend popped over to give me a belated birthday gift. I totally spaced that he was coming over and had to frantically run around the house looking for something to throw on, finally settling on some crumpled up gym shorts. He absolutely knew what took me so long when I opened the door looking like a homeless gym teacher (did I mention I was also wearing a Golden GIrls Casino T-Shirt and that I hadn't brushed my hair all day either.) "You weren't wearing pants, were you?" BUSTED!!!

Wow--anyone that says self-employment is sexy couldn't be further from the truth. 

Have a good weekend y'all!

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