Do You Sensationalize Your Life On Social Media? / by Nicole Paulus

 About to go for ride on my new bike with my beautiful girlfriend #donthate

About to go for ride on my new bike with my beautiful girlfriend #donthate

I watched this video about a guy who is stretching the truth about his life on his Facebook feed and it got me thinking--how many of my "friends" are guilty of this?

Sometimes I am guilty of scrolling through my Facebook feed or Instagram feed only to feel immediately bummed that I am not "road trippin' with the <3 of my life", "backstage at Coachella, NBD", or "eating at this new #farmtotable spot." And filters, don't get me started about the impact filters have on my self-esteem. 

Instead of diving off waterfalls or backpacking through India, you can probably bet that I am a. pantless, b. contemplating a "fourth meal", c. binge watching something ridiculous, or D. all of the above. 

I have to remind myself that while some of my social media "friends" do live adventurous lives, most of them probably don't. In reality, the majority of them are probably doing really mundane things 99% of the time, just like me. Your "friends" are less concerned about the experience, and more concerned about sharing it for "likes". We all have those "friends" that seem to only leave the house for the sole purpose of obtaining a sweet #selfie.

Is it OK to be dishonest about the life you project on social media? Is this "keeping up with the Joneses" mentality healthy? What will the effect of this hyper-aware, selective sharing be in 20 years?