Breaking Up With Facebook Is Hard To Do / by Nicole Paulus

 Image by the  Queen Buzz

Image by the Queen Buzz

According to a Fast Company article I read yesterday, Facebook is now considered "uncool" by people who are 18 and younger. Frankly, I am not surprised. Facebook has done a very poor job at keeping up with the times and is now on it's way out. 

I love this letter that wrote to Facebook. Eat24, a Food Delivery App known for it's tongue-in-cheeky marketing, announced that it was breaking up with Facebook and that "it wasn't us, it was you."

So what happened to the good old days of Facebook? Did they try to appeal to too many, too fast? Was opening Facebook up to everyone (including grandmas) a mistake? Did they add too many features, clouding the original message of Facebook? Should they have added a "Dislike" button to the mix?

The truth is, we will never know. 

We do know, however, that more and more people are gravitating towards the "less is more" principal which (in my opinion) is a natural way of dealing with overstimulation. People want efficient, easy to use, simply designed apps/websites, not clunky, cloudy, mixed messaging. As the Eat24 letter to Facebook states, Facebook is no longer the social network it once was. Now they have created an algorithm that prevents your fans and friends from seeing your messages (unless of course you pay to boost the post.) That sounds like the anti-social network if you ask me. 

In the Fast Company article, a wise 15 year old tells the interviewer that he prefers apps that are "real", meaning he likes those where he can interact with his peers in real life like Snapchat and Kik. I used to like Facebook for this same reason. Now, however, I mostly use Facebook as a source for news and pop culture tidbits. I rarely use it to communicate with family and friends and almost never update my status. 

The future of Facebook remains as cloudy as its messaging, though the conspiracy theorist in me can't help but think they have MUCH bigger plans than continuing their reign as Social Network King.

What do you think the future holds for Facebook/social media in general? 

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