Dave Chappelle Reflects on Money--The Fuel For Choices / by Nicole Paulus

When asked if Dave Chappelle was happy with his decision to walk away from Comedy Central 7 years ago, he gave a very insightful answer, an answer that I often lead with when I make decisions in my own life: 

"You do what you feel like you need to do, at the time." 

Chappelle went on to say "Whenever there is something I'd like to have, that I could have afforded, that I can't now afford, then I am upset about it---but then when I see a guy going to a job that's time consuming and he doesn't have the freedom to do the things I get to do, then I feel good about it." 

His answer really resonated with me because while freelancing isn't the most lucrative venture out there, it definitely has its perks.  I get more freedom than most anyone else in the traditional workforce. I get to sleep in, take vacations when I want, and stay up all night binge watching Orange is the New Black if I so desire. At the end of the interview, Chappelle jokes that the extra 40 million dollars would have made him happier in the long run, but there is no way of ever knowing for sure. He did what he had to do in the moment. If he had stuck it out--he might have had to sacrifice date nights with his wife and watching his kids grow up.

Whichever path you choose--make sure you are listening to your inner voice, he (or she) usually knows best. 

See the entire interview below: 

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