Website Whoas / by Nicole Paulus

 Infographic sourced from

Infographic sourced from

So you think because you made your own free website on that you are in the clear. Think again. 

I must admit, I was rocking the free website for a while, until a wise and trusted friend recommended I upgrade to Squarespace. My inner cheapskate screamed "DON'T DO IT--SAVE THAT $100/YEAR AND USE IT FOR PRACTICAL THINGS LIKE TOILET PAPER AND COFFEE." The truth is, however, is that a clean, practical website is probably more practical than coffee (never mind about the toilet paper.)

If you are using a free website as your business's face, you are going to attract a customer that doesn't appreciate quality. How can you expect someone to pay you for services when you yourself don't take your services seriously? Regardless of your industry, if your business doesn't have reliable real estate on the web than you are missing out on potential new business (and just because you have a website doesn't mean it's good.)

If I can't find a business online (or if a restaurant's website isn't compatible with mobile) I am likely to never step foot in that place. Seriously, I have zero patience for crap websites. Do yourself a favor and budget in the cost of a nicely designed website for your business. 

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