Relaxation Guilt is a Real Thing / by Nicole Paulus


Any other entrepreneurs out there ever suffer from Relaxation Guilt? You know, the feeling you get when you try to relax but you just end up thinking about the thousand things you should be doing instead? 

This Halloweekend I did absolutely nothing productive.  I should feel refreshed and recharged but procrastination is not the way I handle stress, in fact it makes it worse. The best way for me to deal with a mile long to-do list is to start chipping away at it--and here I spent an entire weekend doing nothing but catching up with friends and wearing glitter, a lot of glitter. 

Friday night I went out with friends as "it's my party and I'll cry of I want to." Saturday I caught up with an old friend during the day and went to a haunted house with another old friend at night. Sunday was carved out for my productive day but all I did was play bag toss, drink beer, and go see the new "Fury" movie--which by the way, wasn't that great (which made my guilt even heavier.)

Now don't get me wrong, I had a blast. Some might say this is the only thing that matters--but for me it's all about balance. I'd much rather get up a little early on the weekend, knock out a few tasks, and then be free to play the rest of the day. Juggling a 40 hr work week job and a handful of clients has taught me that I need to make every second count. I won't be able to relax until I do. 

You aren't always going to get it right, but if you're smart you'll learn from these moments, and find a balance that allows you to have fun with friends and also kick ass with your clients. Follow me on these networks and share your tips and experiences.